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hey lolly is all about candy
  • small batches - because sugar is no joke!
  • handmade - in Naramata, BC
  • fun flavours - because it's candy and candy is fun
  • no high fructose corn syrup - because, eww
  • popping up at markets and events 

meet your candy maker

hey! This is Kim - candy maker and everything hey lolly. As an avid baker, I found candy making by way of caramel. My first batch was a hot, lumpy mess and I was left wondering what sweet nightmare I had gotten myself into. I was hooked. After a lot of practice, I've come up with a delicious selection of candy to share with you - lump free. You're welcome. ​When I'm not boiling sugar, I'm hanging out with my husband and two sons in beautiful Naramata, BC.

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