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  • Kim

don't make me say the b-word

It's 2007 and what a time to be alive! Britney Spears has just shaved her head and you're wondering why her loving parents haven't stepped in to oversee her life. As you download the "My Humps" ring tone on your blackberry, you wonder to yourself:

Why don't I start a blog like the wildly popular and successful Perez Hilton?

Some things don't age well, so let's not call this a blog. It's just a collection of tips, tricks and recipes that I want to share because I've made a lot of candy and I've seen some things. Candy making can be confusing, frustrating and at times, contradictory, much like trying to figure out and then discovering who Gossip Girl is.

I promise I won't mislead or betray you all for the sake of a juicy blog. So let's begin.

xoxo, hey lolly


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